Our Bone Broth

Our sippable bone broth contains only the highest quality ingredients. We source our beef bones from a sustainable humane ranch in Arizona that cares about its animals. Never confined to feedlots, the cattle roam large open pastured where they graze on fescues, wheatgrasses, legumes of clovers, alfalfa, sage, and milkweed. They are never fed commercially mixed feeds, growth hormones, feed additives, antibiotics, or anything other than non-GMO grass. These happy USDA Certified Grass-fed Angus cows provide us with the base of our beef bone broth.  For our organic chicken broth, we source from a small local farm that still processes each chicken by hand.  The chickens on this farm are treated humanely- raised free-range with all-natural feed, that includes no meat by-products, hormones, or antibiotics.  The benefits of all this is a freshness that can be tasted. 
Next, we take those pasture raised ingredients and combine them with locally sourced organic veggies, spices, filtered water and the all important apple cider vinegar (this helps to draw the nutrients from the bones, don't buy a bone broth without it!). We go beyond the traditional 24-36 hour cook time, slow simmering our beef bone broth for 48 hours. This ensures that the maximum amount of nourishing nutrients is extracted from the bones. This process yields a flavorful, gelatin rich and nutrient dense shippable bone broth.
Our broth is paleo and gluten-free, with no added flavorings, sodium, or preservatives whatsoever.

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